“I met a girl at an internet cafe, but we didn’t click.”

It has been a long time since I have written about my dating experiences. However, I have been on a lot of dates recently. In fact, it has been crazy. So now I have come to the conclusion that maybe I am just too fussy when it comes to love. But, logically I am getting to the age where a man isn’t just for the summer – it could be for life.

My mother had ‘the chat’ with me the other day. Apparently I really should settle down and writing about my dating isn’t such a good idea… whoops! Even worse, I filmed myself on a date. It would appear that didn’t go down well with her either. I tried to explain that most men think it is awesome that I write about my dates and filming one is taking it to another level.

In this blog, I am going to tell you about each individual that I have been on a date with in the last three weeks – I am afraid to say that there have been four. Is that bad? In America it is actually accepted. Mulitple dating. Although, I would never date more than one person at the same time, well if it came to second dates.

Number 1:

I met the first date in the weridest situation possible. I could have been the best love story ever written, however it did not work out at all. A few weeks ago I was assaulted in a well-known Australian themed pub. It was terrible and terrifying. It was not enjoyable and did not add any particular joy and excitement to my life. The local authority enforcers actually did nothing – shocking! I felt like it was my fault – being grabbed round the neck and thrown to the ground. Maybe, it was because I was a women. As security allowed this man to smoke outside, while I was dragged out. Anyhow, thus came my knight in shining armour, he rang the local authority enforcers and hugged me while I sobbed into his expensive woollen coat. He even spoke to my best friend, who offers much advise on law as she is currently training to be a solicitor – I am sure she will deal with many more of my life problems that acquire law help. After this situation and of course nothing was done, the knight asked for my number and we subsequently went on a date to the cinema, a few days later. He was a teacher, which was fine, until he started telling me off and going all teacher on me. We had a second date, whereby he made me dinner which was lovely. I bought the wine – because I am an independent women of independent means. We had some kind of spinach tart – which was very thoughtful because I had slight iron deficiency. Anyhow, I felt as though I was having dinner with both my parents, the conversation was so grown-up. We chatted about work, future plans and holiday plans. He was absolutely lovely but he wasn’t something you could end up building a magical den in the kitchen with. Yes – I like doing that kind of thing. Another favourite is hiding and jumping out at people. I often do this to my father who one day will probably have a heart attack. I will refrain from doing this.

Number 2:

Well, I joined Plenty of Fish again. To be honest, I thought the dating blog was looking slightly thin and I needed some more material! This date was probably the most exciting I have ever had! It was filmed! Pa! Yes, I have recently started a new venture with my friend Alex. We have started our own YouTube Channel called ‘No One Cares TV’ where we do 100 things we have never done before. It is looking a little thin on the ground because we are all so so busy and important! The first venture or episode was to film one of my dates… because I am so amazing and good at them. I won’t say much about this young man because you will have to watch the date for yourself. However, he was such a good sport in allowing us to film him. I apologise for the sound quality – it is a work in progress!

Number 3

This dating series involved three-ish dates, a record for me I think. However, we had the ‘let’s just be friends chat’ which is forever awkward. We went to the cinema to see ‘The Need for Speed’ – it has the guy in it from Breaking Bad, I think he plays Jessie- he looks very very strange. He has put weight back on and it seems to have all gone to his face, he looks like a chubby hamster. For some reason men seem to be taking me on dates to the cinema – does this mean they don’t have to speak to me or so I don’t speak! We had a lot in common. But I think I had met my match in ‘fussy’ – I guess it is about time that I did though. I was introduced to a-lot of his friends as well – to be honest I couldn’t work out whether it was a test or whether I was being put in the ‘friend zone’ it was very difficult to gage and quite stressful. I had to concentrate on making a good impression to all of his friends – for my own sanity. Luckily, the friend zone was engaged and now we just ‘hang out’ and play werid card games. For the first time ever – I have actually made a new friend through the medium of dating! How? Nobody knows?

Number 4

Ahhhh – this was a lovely date – I took him to my usual dating bar. In fact, the bar staff know me in there because I use it for most of my dates. It used to be located round the corner from my old house – so it was safe. Now it isn’t that close to my household, but it is an excellent location. It makes me look sophisticated, someone with taste – however, for some reason unknown to me I have started drinking pints of Carling…so not so sophisticated. Sadly, on this date I drank only water because I had no money – I did not want him to buy me any drinks because I always feel bad – plus a pint cost him £4.20 – daylight robbery (although it was night-time). In an interesting twist this young man was friends with a friend of my housemate. Apparently, my photo had done its rounds around his friends…! Which freaked me out. My housemates friend had apparently said I was really nice – we have never met. But, I guess my amazingness precedes me. Therefore, we had to go on a date – if not and only for my reputation. It turned out we had far too much in common. We stayed until closing time, which is usual for me. It is quite interesting watching a bar close up for the night. Ha, it was very

So, I have agreed to a second date. We are going for steak on friday… keep you posted!



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